Tan Phu Forest Enterprise

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Tan Phu is located in Dong Nai province, situated in a lowland area at an elevation of around 300 m. To the south and east, the forest enterprise is bordered by the La Nga River, while the La Canh and Gian Lai streams form the northern boundary, and the Tra My stream forms the western boundary  

Tan Phu Forest Enterprise was established in January 1979. Currently, the forest enterprise comprises six sub-enterprises with a total area of 13,967 ha. In 1999, a proposal to upgrade Tan Phu Forest Enterprise to nature reserve status was made by BirdLife International and the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute.

According to 1997 data, Tan Phu Forest Enterprise supports 12,608 ha of forest, of which 92% is primary forest. The forest at Tan Phu is characteristic of the South-East Asian region. In 1989, Tan Phu Forest Enterprise supported an estimated 10 Asian Elephants. However, following a decade of human-elephant conflict, the herd moved to Binh Thuan province in 1999.

Tan Phu Forest Enterprise have high diversified biology which over 170 bird species, 35 mammals, 60 reptiles and amphibian and over 200 butterflies were confirmed. Especially, this forest is also home to many important birds such as Orange-necked Partridge, Germain's Peacock, Siamese Fireback, Lesser Adjutant, Wooly-necked Stork, Bar-bellied Pitta, Grey-faced Tit-Babbler.

Birds highlight of Tan Phu forest

Orange-necked Partridge, Germain's Peacock, Siamese Fireback, Lesser Adjutant, Bar-bellied Pitta, Grey-faced Tit-Babbler, Black-and-buff, Pale-headed Woodpecker.

Time for birding or bird photography in Tan Phu forest

The good time for birding and bird photography in Tan Phu is from Dec to May when the dry season. From the end of Apr to July is also a good time for bird photography in Tan Phu, this is the nesting season so birds are often easy to get the good shot near the nest.