The best field Guides Tips for Birdwatching in Vietnam - Books, App recommendation

VietnamBirdShooting 2019-02-17

Vietnam becomes an attractive destination for those who love discovery nature especially bird watching or bird photography. Many of you first come to Vietnam, so surely it will be very awkward to decide which one it's good on the field for ID wildlife and birds. Therefore, in this article, I will guide the materials to be prepared for field-use or bird watching sites.

What book to use when birdwatching in Vietnam

The book that I use often and is trusted by many people which is the book: Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia by Craig Robson, this is not available for sale in Vietnam so you should buy it before coming to Vietnam or you can buy at this link on Amazon. This field guide covering Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, this unique and indispensable guide covers in detail the identification, voice, breeding, status, habitat, and distribution of all the species and distinctive subspecies of the region.

Other Vietnam birds field Guide is Birds of Vietnam by Richard Craik, Lê Quý Minh. This book, the first comprehensive modern field guide dedicated to Vietnam’s rich and diverse avifauna, describes all 916 species in the text, illustrations and distribution maps.




What app to use when birdwatching in Vietnam

We have developed an App for bird watching field guide by the name Vietnam Bird Guide, you could easily find on IOS and Android store, total FREE OF CHARGE. 

This Vietnam bird guide app includes bird species occur in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand; advanced gallery view for easy comparison and search; field mark calls, your observation. You could use it offline by download all picture and birds songs to your phone.

About the Vietnam bird checklist, you can download it here, Cat Tien Dalat Birdlist, Vietnam Birdlist

Another book should take with you during long birdwatching trip in Vietnam:

For Mammals field guide: A Guide to the Mammals of Southeast Asia by Charles M. Francis

For Reptiles field guide: A Field Guide To The Reptiles Of South-East Asia by Indraneil Das