When is the best time for birding in Vietnam-Weather Summary?

VietnamBirdShooting 2016-07-18

There is not really a right or wrong time to birding in Vietnam as during most months of the year. Depends on your time and weather summary for each part of country you will find good place to enjoy your birding or bird-photography trip. Welcome to a country with 2000 + miles of coastline which is ranked 16th in the world according to biological diversity, home approximately of 16 % of the World’s Species and which 840 birds including 12 endemics birds just only could see in Vietnam So let’s see:

Whilst Vietnam is typically warm and humid, the weather can vary significantly from one region to another due to the countries length. At times there has been snow (yes white snow!) in the mountainous far north whilst the beaches in the south enjoyed 32 °C and sunshine. So Vietnam weather for birding, we can be divided into 3 different systems bases on administrative positions.

North-Vietnam weather for birding

Sa Pa, Ba Be Np., Tam Dao Np., Ba Vi Np., Xuan Thuy Np., Cuc Phuong Np,.

North Vietnam has a distinct winter and summer season. The cool but mostly dry in winter lasts from Nov to Apr when the temperatures average 17-220 C with the coldest months being from Jan – Mar. Summer last from May to Oct when it’s hot, humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall. Jul to Sep are often the wettest months of the year.

So the best time for birding in the North-Vietnam is during the dry season from Oct to Apr, warm-clothing are recommended from Dec to Jan because it's very cold when birding in cloudy.


Central-Vietnam weather for birding

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Np., Samu pass, Bach Ma Np,. Da Nang, Ngoc Linh Np., Kon-tum Pr.,

The weather in central is hot and dry weather from mid Jan to late Aug, with the temperature often reaching mid-30’s0 C. During the winter time the rainfall increases with Oct to Nov achieving peak levels, occasionally in the form of typhoons. In the central-highland the rainy time is from Jun to Oct and the peak of rainfall often in Jul to Sep.

At the far south of Central-Vietnam where benefits from a longer dry season (Jan to Sep), with the high temperatures and little rain. The rainy season runs from Oct to Mid of Dec with almost haft the annual rainfall in Oct and Nov.

So the best time for birding in the Central-Vietnam is from Dec to May, some place although it is rain but you still could birding from May to Oct like Son Tra near Da Nang city where rain not too long and after rain is good for birding.

South-Vietnam weather for birding

Dalat plateau, Cat Tien Np., Dinh Mountain, Can Gio mangrove forest, Mekong delta

With temperatures remaining constant year round the climate of the south is split into two simple seasons, wet and dry. The dry season begins in November and ends in April/early May with late February to May being slightly hotter and with higher humidity. The wet season lasts from May to early November with the months from June to August receiving the highest rainfall of the year. Throughout much of the wet season rainfall is generally heavy but short lasting, often occurring in a mid-afternoon heavy down-pour!

The average temperatures in the south range between 25 - 35°C year round.

Dalat is wet from June to October making outdoor pursuits problematic. From November to May it is far dryer although cold in December & January. In the Mekong Delta monsoon climate with two seasons; wet (late-July to late October) and dry (November to July).

So you could birding hold years in the south-Vietnam but the best time for birding and Bird-photography in Cat Tien Np and Dalat is from Nov to Jul, For Birding in Can Gio Dec to Mar is the best time with wintering time of shorebirds.

Summarize, if you are looking for birding all park of Vietnam, during November to May is the best time to do that. For some of you who would like to birding period Jul to Oct you could do in the south and some part of the central or just easy to contact us to know.