Black-shanked Douc

The Black-shanked douc langur occurs in southern Vietnam and Eastern Cambodia. In Vietnam, the total population is not known and subpopulations are fragmented.

The face is bluish with large yellow eye rings, very different to that of the Red-shanked and Grey-shanked doucs. A black band of fur frames the face and extends down the side of the head and down the shoulders.

Hunting for traditional medicine and subsistence is the main threat to this species, although they are also hunted to a lesser extent for the pet trade.

In Vietnam, the species is listed as Endangered in the 2007 Vietnam Red Data Book and is protected by law under Decree 32/2006 ND-CP:1B. CITES Appendix I

All photos take during birding trip by Marcel Holyoak and Thang Nguyen in May 2019, plan to see him you could find trip here