Great collection for Pitta in Vietnam

Nowadays, Vietnam becomes a famous birding place for all birders and bird photographers because high-diversity of birds and many of them are unique species just only found in Vietnam. 

And of course, Pittas is once of the important reason. Vietnam has 9 species of them with 6 resident, 2 Breeding visitor, 1 passage migrant. 

Photo by: @Namdao: Bar-bellied, Blue-winged, Rusty-naped, and Blue-rumped Pitta
@Sam Thuong: Hooded, Fairy, Eared, and Blue-naped Pitta
@Thang Nguyen: Blue Pitta

Resident / Present all year round
Bar-bellied Pitta 
Blue Pitta
Blue-naped Pitta
Blue-rumped Pitta
Rusty-naped Pitta
Eared Pitta

Breeding Visitor 
Blue-winged Pitta
Hooded Pitta

Passage migrant
Fairy Pitta 

Depend on time of the year and the environment, the chance to see or photograph them is different. if you would like to come for them contact us or see some trip here. 

Bar-bellied and Blue-rumped Pitta photography tours

Blue and Rusty-naped Pitta photography tours