Handbook of environmental interpretation for visitors at national parks and nature reserve

VietnamBirdShooting 2016-08-18

Environmental education activities to awaken interest in nature by acting on emotion, amazed create natural phenomena. Promote environmental education to think about the value of life and change behavior to the nature of the people. The volume of knowledge is communicated remember that listeners seldom encouraged to think on. The main experience gained from comments of tourists through different senses new fish have a strong impact and lasting.

The main contents of environmental education including:

• Introduction of forest ecosystems and the ecological factors

• Introduction of the functions of forests, including environmental protection, erosion control, source materials, and functional resort.

• Information on the conditions and the impact of the use of nature-friendly forest

• Promoting initiatives on the sustainability of the forest, help people to know that sustainability is a fundamental value to the organization of each individual life.

Each activity is presented in the document will include objectives, content, and methods of implementation through the suggestions, specific description. This document, which guides in national parks and nature reserve organize tours for those forests under different ages. In the process of implementing the tour, guides to prepare different types of materials to work effectively, attractive

Read at HERE for looking in deep in the module of environmental interpretation (the Handbook wrote in Vietnamese and public by GTZ)