The most beautiful Monkey of Vietnam, Red Shanked Douc

VietnamBirdShooting 2016-10-07

The Red-shanked Douc

The Red-shanked douc langur is one of the most colorful primate species. The Vietnamese name“Vooc nu sac” means the langur with five colors. Back, crown and upper arms are dark silver grey, the belly slightly more bright.


The hairs in this regions are “agouti”. Every single silver-grey hair has about 5 to 7 small black rings. The back of the hands and forearms nearly to the elbow are white; fingers and inside of the hand black. Upper legs are black, lower legs chestnut, and feet black. There is a large white triangle pubic patch in both sexes, the scrotum is white, penis pink, and the tail white with a thin tassel. Above the root of the tail is a white triangular patch with a whorl of white hairs on the anterior corner.


The face around the eyes and nose is yellow-orange to light brown, around the mouth white, and the side of the head is white to the ears. The axis of the eyes is high (20.9O) which imparts the Asiatic expression. A wide forehead band is black, the face is surrounded by white whiskers as long as 12cm in adult males; a chestnut collar separates the white throat from a black breastband which runs above the grey belly from shoulder to shoulder.

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