Red-shanked Douc Photography tours

Son Tra Peninsula (island) is 8 km from North-east of Da Nang city, central Vietnam which the highest point is 693 m from sea level. This place was created when alluvium deposition created a land bridge between the mainland and three islands with high biodiversity of Flora and Fauna, especially there is home for Red-shanked Douc Pygathrix nemaeus the most beautiful Monkey, is a fascinating place to visit.

Red-shanked Douc Pygathrix nemaeus is a species of old world monkey, among the most colorful of all primates. This guy sometimes was called the “costumed ape” for its extravagant appearance. From its knees to its ankles it sports maroon-red "stockings", and it appears to wear white forearm length gloves. Its attire is finished with black hands and feet. The golden face is framed by a white ruff, which is considerably fluffier in males. The eyelids are a soft powder blue. The tail is white with a triangle of white hair at the base. Males of all ages have a white spot on both sides of the corners of the rump patch, and red and white genitals”.

This is the first-open for Red-shanked Douc Photography tours and also other many targets thing for photography as Birds, butterflies, landscape…

An Itinerary: Red-shanked Douc Photography tours in Son Tra, Da Nang 3 days

Day 1: (L D) Pick up from your hotel at Da Nang city drive to Son Tra Peninsula for birds and Red-shanked Douc photography tours, have a picnic Lunch in the forest. After shooting time comeback Hotel on a later afternoon.

Day 2: (B L D) Start early morning (around 4 AM) to drive back Son Tra Peninsula for birds and Red-shanked Douc photography tours.

At noontime comeback hotel for Lunch and resting,

In the afternoon drive back Son Tra peninsula for birds and Red-shanked Douc photography tours.

Day 3: (B L) Do the same start early morning to drive back Son Tra Peninsula for photography and then come back hotel at noon time.

End of Red-shanked Douc Photography tours and you could reach the airport for flight back home or explore culture tour in Hoi An, Da Nang or start Bird photography tours at Bach Ma national park.

Including accommodation, experience Wildlife guide, private car with driver, meals and entrance fee.

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