Special primate photography tour in south Vietnam, Takou NR. 3 days

This photography tour is the best chance for someone who loves to see and photograph Black-shanked DoucAnnamese Langur and Pygmy slow loris. From HCMC, which 3.5-hour drive to reach Takou where is the best place to find those species.

Ta Kou nature reserve (NR) is situated in the south-central coastal region of Vietnam, 160 km far from Sai Gon (HCMC) (and is characterized by a dry coastal monsoon climate. Six primate species had recorded including two species of leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus), three species of macaques (Macaca) and one species of loris (Nycticebus).

Most wanted of the trip

The beautiful Black-shanked Douc (Pygathrix nigripes) is one of three douc species found in the greater Mekong region and is confined southern Vietnam and Eastern Cambodia. Doucs are colubine, or leaf monkeys, feeding almost exclusively on leaves. Like cows, they have a complex stomach with four chambers, which permits them to digest cellulose in leaves.

Annamese Langur (Trachypithecus margarita) once occurred widely in central-southern Vietnam, southern Laos and eastern Cambodia where the Mekong River marks its western extent. The species is now rare throughout its range as a result of hunting and habitat loss and there are few recent records from Vietnam.

The Pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) is confined to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. They feed on fruit, small lizards, invertebrates and is a specialized gum feeder. Female usually give birth to twins, which are carried by the female for the first 2-3 weeks. It is nocturnal and arboreal, from 1-12 meters.

Other highlights of mammal in Takou Nature reserve: Stump-tailed macaque; Crab-eating macaque; Northern pig-tailed macaque; Sunda flying lemur… And 135 species of bird have been recorded.

An itinerary: the special photography tour for looking some of the most beautiful monkeys in South Vietnam.

Day 1: (L D) Pick up from HCMC in the morning and drive to Takou for the special primate photography tour.

After lunch, start to look for Black-shanked Douc, Annamese Langur and other primates.

In an evening which the spot-light is the time for looking for Pygmy Slow Loris

Overnight at Takou Mountain

Day 2: (B L D) Full day looking for Monkeys and other interesting things.

An evening watching Loris again

Overnight at Takou Mountain

Day 3: (B L) Full morning to trying again for Black-shanked Douc, Annamese Langur.

After lunch, back to HCMC for flight or continuous another tour.

Including accommodation, an experience Wildlife guide, private car with driver, meals and entrance fee, cable cars.

Accommodations Transportation​ No entrance fee Meals
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